OLURANLOWO MI AT Silverbird Cinemas

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in News


Haven For The Nigerian Child Foundation is a not-for-profit organization which was started byOluyemisi Wada to provide humanitarian assistance to the children living on the streets of Lagos State.

Since the organization came into being, they have reportedly rehabilitated over 30 street children from the Kuramo beach and they’re on the path to doing even more. To raise awareness for the cause, Haven collaborates with Asake Productions and a cast of Yoruba-speaking Nollywood actors to produce ‘Oluranlowo Mi‘ (My Benefactor).

Oluranlowo Mi is a short film which depicts the true stories of 4 street children. How did they get there? What dangers are they exposed to? How does it affect how they turn out? How can we help out?

The film is sponsored by MTN Nigeria, Silverbird Cinemas, Beat/Naija FM, Five Cowrie Creek Limited and will premiere at the Silverbird Galleria on Friday 15th March 2013.